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Feeling Toasty (GFO) 8

Selection of sourdough, multigrain or pumpkin sourdough, fruit loaf with your choice of condiment: jam, peanut butter, honey, vegemite, NUTELLA®

(Fruit Loaf +[0.50] & GF bread +[1.5])

Eggs your way on Toast (GF) 9.5

Two eggs cooked your way on your choice of multigrain or sourdough bread

Add a side
hollandaise, spinach, mushroom, feta, grilled tomato: +3 each
potato hash, bacon, halloumi: +4 each
avocado, smoked salmon, chorizo, spiced pulled pork: +5 each

Mr Atlantic (GFO) 19

Our Salmon Benedict with premium smoked salmon, sautéed spinach, two poached eggs & house hollandaise on your choice of bread

The Maison Brekky (GFO) 18

Avocado, tomato relish, grilled ham and two poached eggs, topped with hollandaise and served on your choice of bread

House Smashed Avocado (GFO, V) 18

Seasoned avocado smashed on pumpkin sour- dough, topped with two poached eggs, cherry tomato, feta, flaked almonds and a balsamic glaze

The Stacks

Halloumi (V,GF) 20
Cypriot halloumi stacked with sautéed mushroom, grilled tomato, half avocado, a poached egg, our house corn salsa & balsamic glaze; surrounded by sautéed spinach

Green (VG, GF) 16
Smashed house hash topped
with mushrooms, grilled tomato, half avocado, sautéed kale and our house made corn salsa

Add Bacon +4
Add Salmon +5

The Wingrove Omelette (V, GF) 17

Four creamy beaten eggs with mushrooms, red onion tomato and mozzarella.

Add roasted red capsicum, spinach or bread +1.50
Add feta, halloumi, pulled pork, chorizo +2.50

Baked Eggs (V, GFO) 18

Cracked whole eggs baked in tomato and chilli ragu topped with crumbled feta; served with your choice of bread

Add chorizo or pulled pork +5

The Wedge (GF) 20

A wedge of oven roasted pumpkin on a bed of pea purée, served with grilled chorizo, halloumi, crunchy walnuts and sautéed kale

Add Avacado +5

Lemon & Ricotta Pancakes (V) 17

Triple stacked lemon and ricotta pancakes, poached pear, lemon syrup, house-made buttery toffee

Add ice cream + 2

Belgian Waffles (V) 19

House made Belgian waffles, decadent Nutella ganache, crushed honeycomb topped with vanilla bean ice cream

Wagyu Burger 20

House made beef wagyu patty (190g) served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion and aioli. Served with a side of chips

Add bacon, fried egg or cheese +2 each

Club Sandwich 20

Grilled chicken and bacon served in a toasted triple stack with tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato and aioli. Served with a side of chips

Add avocado +2

Chicken Parma 22

Crunchy chicken breast topped with napoli, shaved ham and mozzarella. Served traditional with a green salad and chips

Pulled Pork Tortillas 16

Two toasted tortillas topped with crunchy red cabbage spiced pulled pork, chipotle mayo & corn salsa

Add avocado +2
Add chips +4

Zucchini & Pumpkin Croquettes (V) 19

House crafted panko-crumbed croquettes, served with a green and citrus salad, smashed avocado and beetroot purée

Grilled Halloumi Salad (GF, V) 17

Grilled halloumi served with spinach, roast pumpkin, quinoa, pepita seeds and almond flakes in a citrus dressing

Add chicken +5
Add poached egg +2

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (GF) 18

Chicken and sautéed mushrooms in a creamy garlic and white wine sauce

Please see our display cabinet for a delicious selection of desserts.

(V) Vegetarian (VG) Vegan (GF) Gluten Free, (GFO) Gluten Free Option


Something to Drink

Hot Drinks cup 3.8 / mug 4.5

Hot chocolate

Pot of Tea by “Tea Drop Organic” 4.3

English Breakfast, Earl Grey,
Peppermint, Loose Leaf Chai,
Green, Lemongrass and Ginger, Green Matcha

Soy milk (Bonsoy), Almond (Almond Breeze), Lactose free (Zymil), Brewed milk + 0.5

Iced Drinks

Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate, Iced Mocha 6
Iced Latte 4.5

Fresh Juices 7.5

Seasonal fruit & vegies are bought fresh daily. Check availability and choose 4 items to create your own fresh juice.

Smoothies 8

Raspberries & blueberries w yoghurt & banana
Morning Boost
Banana, oats, honey, yoghurt and a touch of cinnamon
Summer Passion
Mango, mint, yoghurt blended w passionfruit

Cold Drinks

Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite 3.5
Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters 4
Peach, Guava 4
Orange Juice, Apple Juice 4

Milkshakes kids 4 / big kids 6

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Banana, Blue Heaven
Make it a Thickshake! +2

Something stronger…

Wine glass 8.5 / bottle 34

We have a great selection of Australian wines sourced locally. We have Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Sparkling

Beer & Cider 8.5

Corona, Furphy, Apple Cider

Cocktails (by the Jug)

Sangria 22
Pimms 25

Cocktail Crush 13.5

Pomegranate sorbet and freshly squeezed apple juice blended with ice and gin
Lemon/lime sorbet and freshly squeezed orange juice blend- ed with ice and spiced rum

Spirit & Mixer 8.5

vodka, gin, spiced rum, bourbon